As you begin the process of deciding how to create your professional blog, you may decide to look at some examples. Here are a few strong examples that I have found:

Employee Evolution:

Founded by Ryan Paugh and Ryan Healy, this blog is subtitled “The Voice of Milennials at Work.” The blog is by Generation Y, and about corporate America.

Everything Health-Wise, by Toni Brayer, MD:

Brayer’s medical background provides the setting for her discussion of medical news andother health-related issues. Her blog is a perfect example of the idea that we should write what we know about.

The Pump Handle:

Founded by Liz Borkowski and Celeste Monforton, The Pump Handle focuses on public health.

Narrative: Reading, Writing, & Teaching Nonfiction

Richard Gilbert’s blog shows an example of writing about nonfiction.

Identity Woman

Kaliya Hamlin’s blog focuses on identity and user interfaces.

Cool Cat Teacher’s Blog

Vicki Davis is a teacher in Camilla, GA. Her blog focuses on her own pedagogy, as well as research, about teaching high school.


A well-known album designer, Darren Melchiorre analyzes newly released and classic album covers to spark discussion about how these surface society values.

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